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  • 13- Respect

    Photo © L.Bevilacqua


Christophe has always known how to follow the road less travelled and when to disappear all the better to reappear. He exudes a feeling of eternity.

Summer of 66’, despite the huge success of his hit «Aline », he turned down the chance to play the Olympia: he felt the legendary stage was a little premature for his beginner’s status. Such high standards, so early.
So he took to the road, in a caravan, as part of the Gruss circus, singing in the big top before each show, while his fans were bereft. The comeback was all the sweeter. In 1972, a majestic Christophe took everyone by surprise with «Les Paradis perdus» then, two years later, «Les Mots bleus» and, the following year… the Olympia. Christophe was no longer of this world, he had now entered his own world. He distanced himself from French pop music to shift toward a broader repertoire between rock and opera, with a baroque and romantic touch. His voice washigher, more androgynous, more broken than ever; the most beautifully painful music ever; with lyrics just right for this left-fielder. An extra terrestrial fallen from the sky.

His latest album «Paradis retrouvé», released two weeks ago, is a reflection of what he is: an absolute UFO where rough versions (garbled fake English) dating from ’72 to ’88 plunge us into his own galaxy. Despite their working titles, we do recognise notes, premises of themes that would later become «Enzo », «L’Italie » or «Les tabourets du bar». Ageless exhumations. Thrills intact.

In 89, Christophe took off again. There followed a long period of absence that maintained his mystery. Long all-night sessions working until… ’96 and the «Bevilacqua» album that was almost disconcertingly sophisticated, followed in 2001 by «Comme si la terre penchait», that made us tremble, and in 2002 a… second, unhoped-for Olympia. The evening was unprecedented, he brought Paris to its knees. A luminous spectre in the flesh. In half a century, Christophe has gone from teen idol to cult artist. Thanks to his determination to always be true to himself.

Maurice Achard

• For more informations about Christophe
• Buy "Paradis retrouvé" on Amazon 


  • 13-beurk 4

    Design © L'Acharnœur


One scandal after another, bribery, corruption and other misdemeanours have become the everyday business of political parties, and ours too as a result… The events of April 2nd are proof. It is an established fact that they never keep their promises once they get into power. Another that they tend to accumulate skeletons in cupboards all over the place (or as the French say “pots and pans on your ass”). And it is an aberration, when you think about it, that we have adapted to the political world functioning in this way.

But it gets worse. As these men and women move in the same circles and obviously spend time together, whether they are from the left or the right, especially as some have no compunction about jumping the fence. Apart from a few idealists who are blinded by trust. So we can be sure that most of them have a few well-kept secrets sealed by a tacit and mutual silence. But when the press breaks a story, the wolves are out and its another story altogether! A masterclass in hypocrisy, many of them forgetting quite handily the little arrangements they have made with their own conscience. They breezily repeat a phrase that has lost all meaning: « A thorough investigation must be carried out into this affair » when they themselves have plenty to hide from the law… The shocked faces! The indignant speeches and demands for justice in the name of the French people! 

Then the lynch mob forms. There’s safety in numbers and with a little encouragement tongues start wagging, opinions fly, insults too. Low-rent gossip. A special mention goes to those who jump to ruin a rival’s reputation on as yet unproven allegations.

But there you go. Their righteous indignation fools no-one and just reduces their already critically low credibility levels. The political stage has turned into the most vulgar and insufferable reality TV than anything in the genre. Good example, good image, good future. Jérôme Cahuzac, the latest liar, was an expert in the genre.

Marie Veyrier




The publishing world is no longer afraid of getting wet. Its erections, of a different nature, show a certain vitality.

We’ve had the famous «Shades of Grey», an erotic book for young women in search of secret sensations. Then there is Marcella Iacub’s sultry book on DSK, where the «cochonneries» (dirty stuff) appears as a literary metaphor. 

And now, to general excitement we have the launch of «La masturbation rend sourd» (Masturbation makes you go deaf); by a gynaecologist and sex specialist that lists all of the myths and falsehoods about sex. We find out what is true and what is false. True: «Making love is good for the heart». Phew!
There is also a passage where the writer explains that if a man has trouble getting going, the couple should hold one another, talk about life, their plans, in short, change the subject to relax.

So let’s relax! Because with all these books that keep us talking about «it», it would be a pity if this sexual liberation, a victory over taboos, ends as a damp squib.



A book, a film, a piece of music... a few years, decades or centuries later. When culture never stops blooming.
  • 13- Floraison

    Illustrations © Alias Hilsum


«In the Hilsum family, after Laurence, I’ll take the sister» just like in Happy Families. Here the sister’s name is Alias Hilsum. And we’ll happily take her for her latest song «Little secret». A little seed that merits our attention before we even know how it’s going to grow.

The song doesn’t revolutionize anything. It doesn’t reveal a new genre; it doesn’t have any strong message. But straight from the first few notes, it sends shivers down our spines. It is both melancholic and bucolic, the melody charms from the get go and we know straight away that we will love it, listen to it, over and over. We hum it spontaneously. We know it is sure to be our new «favourite song».

Everything is so pure. The dry guitar and its sweet acoustics. And then there’s the voice. Transparent. It radiates and touches you with its delicacy. A blend of strength and fragility. A simplicity, an absence of pretention that feels good. You only have to drop your weapons, drop the superfluous and let yourself go.
Apart from that, «Little Secret» is a lullaby that enjoys its own vague melancholy. According to your mood, it comforts you or plunges you into a delicious poetic spleen. But it’s not just about the tune. There is also a video. Completely drawn by Alias Hilsum herself, taking us into a world of princesses or dolls, with, in the background, time passing. It is a dream. Naive? Precious more like, with a pinch of tragedy. The stop motion effect is particularly well done and reveals an enjoyable exercise in style, even to those who are not usually fans of this type of expression.

«Little secret» then plays with our feelings and our senses but in a fun way. Unfortunately, it is impossible for the moment to buy it : Alias ??Hilsum is currently recording of the album which will be initially available in digital. So «Little Secret» is really a little seed to
be watched very carefully indeed.

Marie Veyrier


• Look at and listen to "Little Secret" 




Wearing moccasins, tap shoes, trainers or nothing at all, the artist Geoffrey Bouin and his partner Brandon Guyomard one day thought «Photograpieds». The crazy name explains the concept well: our feet find themselves in the spotlight of everyday life and are illustrated by expressions from the two artists and their friends, putting their best foot forward. Extracts.

  • 13- foodoir

    Picture © Odile berthemy


Sick of bad weather and the constant cold, the same question’s going round in our heads all day «When is Spring coming?». We were at the end of our tether. So we rolled out the word association… If we can’t have Spring, can we have Spring rolls?

A sudden urge for transparency and sweetness, like the gelatinous envelope of this Asian dish through which we can see the green, white and orange insides. We feel a need for the freshness of the mint that garnishes the composition and the natural effect of the finely chopped raw vegetables, all the more so when it is a dish that is eaten cold! And they are timely because originally, in China and Vietnam, they were eaten during the tombs and altars Spring cleaning festival in early April or the third day of the third lunar month !

Not very upbeat you might say, but it all means renewal, dietary cleansing. This is a foodstuff that ticks all the quality boxes: it is light, so good for dieting, easy to make (easier still to buy them already made), easy to carry round, recommended for the quality of its vitamin-filled
ingredients and encourages culinary creativity (it can be made in different ways).

Unlike nems – Chinese and Japanese spring rolls that are fried –, Goi Cuon ( «salad roll») is typically Vietnamese. They have pretty names associated with their particularities like «Summer rolls», for their summery taste, or «Crystal rolls» for the translucent effect. The are less spicy than the Thai equivalent, less fatty than the Chinese and delicately flavoured with fragrant plants. They are made using a soaked rice galette, onto which you place the crunchy ingredients (lettuce, spinach or cabbage leaves, chopped vegetables, bean sprouts) and tender ingredients (vermicelli, black mushrooms), to which you add shrimp, diced chicken, etc. All accompanied with a soy sauce to bring out the taste. A little touch of ginger and you’re ready to roll before the summer gets here.




Ever since «Ce soir ou jamais» moved from France 3 to France 2, to replace «Vous trouvez ça normal ?», the presenter Frédéric Taddei stands out from Ardisson or Ruquier’s rowdy programmes to an extent. He irritates those who find him pretentious. And on D8, Cyril
Hanouna was quick to point out that his viewer figures are lower than the Bruce Toussaint’s programme.

The powers that be at France 2 want to make this Friday night time-slot between ten thirty and midnight more culturally reflective and poised. Meaning less superficial, less confused, less broken up than «Vous trouvez ça normal ?», the talk-show where even the formidable
debater Philippe Tesson couldn’t get a word in edgeways… «Ce soir ou jamais» is not a talk-show. And this is the point. There is talking and that’s enough because people really talk. Their names are not necessarily well known but they know a lot about their subject and they are allowed to finish their sentences. Well…

You only need one Daniel Cohn-Bendit on the programme for confusion to reign and answers to overlap in the inevitable brouhaha. Even the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, who was constantly being interrupted lost his cool and let rip : «I can’t believe it ! He really can’t help himself ! He thinks he’s still in some student rally… Wake up, May 68 is over ! Shut up !» It is true that this all happened on Friday March 22nd 2013, forty-five
years to the day after the creation of the «Mouvement du 22 mars» that started the whole movement.

Taddei managed to remind us of this but seems to have forgotten that for the past forty-five
years, Cohn-Bendit is a one-man talk-show …



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Let It Be Men - 54€

Created by two jewellery fans (including the ex-founder of Mercerie Moderne), Let It Be is a Parisian brand that is still quite low key. The charm lies in a collection of cheeky, sometimes ecumenical pieces but are not worn just as symbols. On the contrary: Let It Be is aimed at the liberated men or women who have decided to be themselves, instead of defining herself relative to others… Who wear Let It Be lay claim to nothing, except beauty!




This bracelet is a key piece in the collection. It is made from leather and white magnetic metal, it is both male and chic, elegant and rock and roll. Perfect alliance between sobriety and confirmed style. A stand-out piece sold exclusively on l’Acharnœur.


Price: 54€ 


- Leather bracelet with "piqûre selleir"
- Magnetic clasp in silvered Zamac 
- Sizes available: 20cm or 22cm (made-to-measure on request)

A venir


Let It Be - 63€

Created by two jewellery fans (including the ex-founder of Mercerie Moderne), Let It Be is a Parisian brand that is still quite low key. The charm lies in a collection of cheeky, sometimes ecumenical pieces but are not worn just as symbols. On the contrary: Let It Be is aimed at the liberated men or women who have decided to be themselves, instead of defining herself relative to others… Who wear Let It Be lay claim to nothing, except beauty!




This bracelet is a key piece in the collection. It is made from soft leather and white metal, it is both chic and gothic, ultra-precious and rock and roll. The clasp dresses the wrist with a refinement and originality that attracts all women, regardless of their age or style. A stand-out piece sold exclusively on l’Acharnœur and also available without the skull.


Price: 63€ with skull.
58€ without skull.

Without skull item or with a bow also avalaible.


- Leather bracelet
- Bracelet chain in plate silver
- Skull clasp in stainless Zamac 
- Sizes available: 32cm, 34 or 36cm (made-to-measure on request)

Aline Lang - 80€

Aline Lang is a photographer and graphic artist who one day, for fun, drew a bracelet watch like a piece of film. A designer at Cartier, Omega, liked it and oriented her into watch face design. Her first watch was for the bicentenary of the French revolution. Since then she has designed over forty watches, including one for the Bibliothèque nationale. Her rare and unusual creations are born from her inspiration and are produced as limited editions.




The Gallops watch. An homage to chronophotography (the decomposition of a movement by a succession of photographs) and to Muybridge’s work that in 1878, proved that the four legs of a horse leave the ground at the same time when the horse gallops. This watch was first made by a big luxury house before being edited by the Musée d’Orsay. Its leather bracelet and particularly flat face makes this version timeless.


Limited edition. 10 pieces available.
Price: 80 €.

Gallops Watch


- Case in chromed brass
- Black leather bracelet 
- Quartz movement
- Made in France, Alsace.


Cyrto is extremely shy and prefers the shadows to the light. She is an illustrator and graphic artist and is spending more and more time on her true calling: creating fantastic worlds from her own emotion, impulse and imagination. She invents but does not reinvent. She follows no trend or influence but instead takes all her inspiration from her inner self. Her uniquely artistic approach will soon be visible through her writing and directing.




The whole idea comes from the glove as second skin. Cyrto creates indelible designs on gloves evoking ramifications, sketches… connections. Each piece is unique and comes only from her imagination. There are no rules, no hierarchy, the cells form every instant and grow together through paths and encounters. Her lines tell of a fantastic world that is almost invisible to the naked eye. Between tattoo art and a pseudo-botanic vision, the lines of the hand take on a new meaning.


Gloves made to order. 


The approach is entirely artistic. The final piece is handed over in exchange for an envelope in which the client « gives » the amount they wish.


The Acharnœur will act as intermediary but takes no commission. For more information: avenue@acharnoeur.com

Illustration from Cyrto Art.


- Light-coloured gloves supplied by the client
- Unique drawings done in indelible ink 
- Time required: two weeks
- Price of piece fixed by the client
- Delivery costs extra (6€ minimum for France)

Gabriella de Galzain - 125€

She used to work under the name «Frénétik». Today Gabriella de Galzain is coming out of hiding and is launching her eponymous brand. She makes baroque, romantic, rock n’ roll jewellery that expresses a bohemian spirit of elegance and freedom, paying homage to the most beautiful icons. Her undeniable talent can be seen in brooches, necklaces, earrings, cuff-links… She counts many stars among her greatest fans and some of her pieces tell the most beautiful stories. 




We requested an homage to the Eiffel Tower. Only for l'Acharnœur, Gabriella de Galzain came up with this timeless yet contemporary brooch. The blend of off-whites means it can be worn at all times. Pearls, chains, crystals, ceramic flowers… The codes of elegance and femininity with an essential touch of impertinence. All the audacity of the “Grand Dame” herself.

Item made to order. 
Special price: 125€ taxes inclued

«La Parisienne» brooch


- Resin beading and icons
- Resin flowers, glass cabochon, crystal Swarovski rhinestones
- Base in silver-plated copper
- Silver-plated brass chains
- Icon high : 10cm
- Total high (with chains) : 24 cm 

They asked us to talk about this.
We like it so we're doing it… Our way !
  • 13- corruption

    Picture © GroundFive


Let’s take another look at the French saying “If you want to feel good in your head, you have to feel good in your trainers”. While some might find it a little simplistic or facile, it forms the basis of GroundFive’s philosophy. This shoe company was set up in 2010 to make trainers for the most part, and their range includes different shapes and colours with one basic principle: to reveal the human.

To wear a pair of GroundFive trainers means you have an urge for lightness, you are curious about other cultures, you share your feelings, you are open to learning more about life and being from others, and you own it. You are urban, adventurous and cosmopolitan. Not unlike Pierre Giordano, the brand’s creator. When he first had the idea for GroundFive, his aim was to communicate a certain idea of friendship, of men, of dreams to fulfil, of freedom. He got together with Franck Chang, Max Maxivel and Ben for their sneaker expertise, but also because they are friends. The choice was obvious.

But the story isn’t just about human connections. It also tells of travels that provide inspiration, artistic influences from here and elsewhere, landscapes, experiences, encounters and customs. The collections sparkle with unique and natural colours, noble and resistant materials, street wear styles, casual, chic or avant-garde, always flitting between the authentic and the trendy. Men love the long, clean lines. Women fall for the wedge effect. Among other things.

The level of quality is what really attracts the fans. As an ex head of production for big French and international shoe brands, Pierre Giordano has always gone for the most solid manufacturing options or the adapted treatment for each material so that they are a joy to touch, see and wear. Franck Chang, the manufacturer and Asian distributor, ensures that the factory conforms to the highest standards of hygiene, safety and working conditions. People are at the centre of everything, this is the absolute reality at GroundFive. So we can all feel good…



• To see and read more informations about GroundFive




For coffee lovers who don’t have a pre-programmed machine but like their nectar perfectly measured, a cup that lets you make a ristretto or a lungo.

5,50€. For sale in most Monoprix stores


Saint-Guirec beach
bus le Macareux

The Saint-Guirec oratory is a listed building and is the location for a very mysterious custom : if a lady manages to stick a needle in the already «holey» stone, she will be soon married… An ancestral legend that young single women like to keep up! But careful, the statue is high on a rock on the beach at Saint-Guirec and is only reachable at low tide. Should luck be against you, the crêperie «le Mao» is nearby if you are looking for comfort food!

Crêperie "Le Mao"
147 rue St Guirec22700 Perros-Guirec

  • 13- Station 2
  • 13- Quotibien

    Harold Lloyd in "Safety Last", 1923


We all have at least one friend who is always late, whether they live twenty metres away or twenty kilometres. The trend seems to be getting worse and is transforming our dinner parties, without us really noticing. A little non-exhaustive tour of the different types of latecomer, just to get to know our friends a little better :

- The «well-mannered»; the only person who knows that it is good manners to arrive fifteen minutes after the stated time just in case the hostess has got the zip on her Zara
dress stuck…
- The «snob»; basically he is doing you a huge favour by even showing up so it is perfectly normal that you wait for him like the Messiah with the red carpet (average lateness 1 ½ to 2 hours, and when he gets there he sulks as he sees everyone having a great time without him)
- The «you’ll never believe what happened»; the expert in the last minute cock-up: the babysitter took off to Acapulco with the jewellery, the youngest broke three teeth just when they were walking out the door (average lateness 2 hours, unless they don’t actually manage to make it and end up messing your seating plan with two tragic gaps.)
- The «stubborn»; despite repeated warnings on the impossibility of finding a parking space in your neighbourhood, he still comes in the car, calls from down stairs proudly to say : «See, I’m on time ! I’m just downstairs, I’ll park and be right up» (average lateness between ¾ and 1 ¼ hours, blaming you for living in such a lousy neighbourhood, pretends not to smell the persistent smell of burnt turkey that you, trusting soul that you are have already put in the oven.)
- The «not sure of himself»; he wrecks your night and his by staying downstairs waiting until everyone gets there so he can arrive «free and clear». As a result he totally misses the vibe and ends up slumped on the couch all night.

Finally, there is the «common or garden» latecomer who is never more than half an hour later, arrives with a smile, an apology and a bunch of flowers, reconciling us with all the other troublemakers who will never change anyway !

Stéphanie Norris


What the wardrobes, walls or drawers of our teenage bedroom
say about who we are today.
  • 13- Junior suite

    Picture © Daniella Matoso


I was still living in Athens when, the day I turned fifteen, my best friend had the inspired idea to give me the famous coffee table book «All American ads 20's» as a gift. A well- chosen one as she knew of my obsession with everything retro.

It was a captivating read and I kept it beside my bed. I adored this collection of full page illustrations of adverts from the roaring twenties. Emancipated women, fringes, sequins, the ambient frenzy expressing the soul of a flagship era ! The images reflected a epoch, the desires of a people.

Every evening I would flick through the pages before going to sleep, passionately analysing the images for hours. It was a real exercise for my mind. It helped me to glean information about history and society in a fun way. I saw it as a form of revolutionary art that required a strategic creativity and in-depth reflection while to others they appeared as base, greedy adverts.

The magazines began to pile up. I searched, bought, and prospected all of the publications that might be of interest : the special edition, the issue of the month, the collector’s item… During a sleepless night, I picked up all of the papers I could find and tore out pages, words, snatches and began to create my own style wall, a fresco of inspiration that was added to continually and, although I didn’t realise it, would prove to be decisive. My room became my
workshop and my thirsty eyes edged my insatiable curiosity on.

I slowly developed a personal style and a certain taste in music : bob, lipstick and «richelieus». Perfect for swinging to the Charleston ! So, pure chance or direct descendant ? Putting in so much time and money is not neutral. I realised I had an incurable pathology ; passion. For visual communication. So I moved to Paris to study it before it became my area of predilection. My job.

Daniella Matoso from an interview with Anna Z.



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