Issue number 32. With a December 25th publishing date, take this issue as a little gift. It will also keep you company for the end of 2013 and to welcome the New Year. How are you going to start it off? With good resolutions or nice wishes? Wishes… It’s time to start making them before enjoyment is outlawed definitively. Next issue out on January 8 th.



  • 32- News qui court 01

    Noël passe trop vite? Pour rester dans l'ambiance, une vidéo à regarder absolument… Parce que parfois, le Père-Noël existe. Sublime opération réalisée par une compagnie aérienne qui rappelle à quel point faire plaisir fait du bien et qui rappelle surtout qu'il ne faut jamais hésiter à partager… ses envies! Voir la vidéo

  • 32- Respect

    Internet source


If there’s one thing that is sure to make others envious, it’s money. Especially at the moment when money’s too tight to mention for most. The problem is that no one ever says it, especially in France. Admitting loud and clear that you’d like to earn shed-loads of cash is frowned upon… It’s greedy, and anyway everyone knows that money can’t buy happiness. And so on and so on…

These clichés only serve to create more disagreements and uncomfortable silences than a real philosophy of happiness. Why should it be considered so dirty and criminal? Why limit it to a necessity and not accept it as a pleasure? You need to eat to stay alive. However, you don’t just eat the bare minimum daily. A nice meal, a good dessert, a square of chocolate are all little pleasures that we enjoy without feeling guilty, without being ashamed to admit it.

Liking and wanting money does not mean a lack of consideration for those who have trouble making ends meet. It is even more hypocritical to not talk about it covering it up with a sort of decorum that doesn’t do anything to improve things for the poor. It is all the more hypocritical as the subject is talked about so naturally when people dream of winning the lotto. It becomes normal to reveal what they would do with all that money, even the craziest schemes. The minimal chance of winning the jackpot makes it all more tolerable? In the meantime, the taboo is hard to shake off. It is out of the question to reveal how much you earn, how much you spend… As if that guaranteed you remained a good, noble person. 

And what if the opposite was true? If to affirm that you “like earning money” was an honourable desire as it motivates, it forces you to have a vision of existence that is made of well-being, wealth and fantasy. Not to mention that being happy often makes one more generous.

The vain, the parasitical and the greedy make money so hateful. When it becomes your sole preoccupation so that you lose yourself and others. Unfortunately, excess is everywhere. Even a good buffet can’t stop freeloaders or indigestion. Having said that, all gourmets are not to blame. So, you’ll have some more cash?

Marie Veyrier


  • 32- Beurk

    source Internet : la boutique du livre animé


Celebrities seem to have more and more wishes and desires. It is amazing how pop stars suddenly reveal themselves to be writers. Actresses suddenly transform themselves into designers. Singers wake up one morning as film directors, actors wake up as sculptors… The phenomenon is far from new. But it is becoming pernicious. Of course these bridges are often a logical career move, due to an undeniable level of maturity and experience. After spending years in front of a camera, it is possible to develop a feeling for film that makes one want to step behind and direct for a change. 

Except not everyone is Jean Cocteau or Clint Eastwood. More like Sienna Miller, Rachel Bilson, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake or, with a cookbook hot on the heels of her clothing collection, Gwyneth Paltrow… “Stars” with a finger in every pie (literally!) looking for a legitimacy, or with their nose stuck in everything instead of contenting themselves with excelling in their first profession. 

Obviously, nothing’s going to stop them trying. But unless you surround yourself with the right people to turn it all into a fantastic marketing operation, like Beyonce with her House of Dereon brand, these celebrities should avoid going public. Not so much for the damage done to their own image which matters little, but more for the damage it does to all of the professionals and other artists who put their all into creating works of art. What an injustice! Not to mention what it means about our capacity to fall into the trap of “if you like this star, you’ll like everything he or she touches”. Because behind it all, it’s just business. Of course, having a muse to represent a brand is a concept that has always worked. But using famous faces to get in our face is a bridge too far. Thankfully, Zahia doesn’t seem to intend to bring out a children’s book. Clearly, there are some celebrity sidelines we can’t take.

Bianca Alberti




No-one likes to hear talk of needles in general. Or drips, or blood tests. However, they are all for our good, even though it might hurt a little when the needle goes in.

Take a drip for example. They keep people alive when seriously ill or dying. A recent conference in Beaune in the Bourgogne region of France, gave a presentation on a replacement process for palliative care, which involves a real meal with the patient’s favourite dishes and wines. Bringing pleasure back in small doses to people who had thought it lost forever. Keeping desire alive… In Beaune, everyone agreed. Doctors, nurses, psychologists, retirement home directors etc.
However, blood tests remain stubbornly irreplaceable. There were even used as the basis for an amazing invention revealed by Professor Yvon Cayre a few weeks ago: a tube that isolates cancer cells so that their evolution can be followed and their treatment personalised, when they are caused by genetic anomalies. This is a fantastic discovery, if only because it will replace the anguish and pain of the biopsy. With this method, checking suspicious cells will take less time. The tube could be on the market in six months.

Life is not so simple for medical progress. It needs to know its limits, know when to stop, to leave space for the human. But also to continue to searching, going beyond, for the same reasons.
In fact, this should be the case for progress in general. To perhaps stop digitising everything when relations between human beings are altered. But to continue to exploit the good side of the Internet when the web helps to wedge open the doors of knowledge a little further.

Maurice Achard


A book, a film, a piece of music... a few years, decades or centuries later. When culture never stops blooming.
  • 32- Floraison

    Cover of special version - 1981


It marked, revolutionised, excited, loosened and lit up the eighties. All that and more…

“Chacun fait (c’qu’il lui plait)” by Chagrin d’Amour is a relatively grim song. An insomniac drowns himself in alcohol, gets into his car, breaks a red light, goes into a bar, leaves with a prostitute, gets laid but can’t come… Then the prostitute takes over the story with an irresistible English accent diving into the emptiness of the early morning and her own solitude. It smells of desperation and lost souls, against the backdrop of a police investigation. Nothing to write home about.

But this song is exhilarating! It was released in 1981, just when free radio was starting up, and it was perfectly timed! The night-time ambience with a taste of the forbidden, of places you don’t dare to go but where all of a sudden you get to look through the keyhole. Or at least eavesdrop… on the expression of a certain freedom. And in the end, it is true: chacun fait ce qu’il lui plait (everyone does what they want)!

From an artistic point of view, this was the first French rap hit. And while we didn’t yet have a word to denote the style, it is true that the way the lyrics are performed was heady. And not always easy to sing either. The lyrics are a blend of sex, drugs and… poetry! The smoke, the platinum blonde, the lino, the nylon stockings mix with the rosy dawn, angels in a hurry and slamming shutters. Not to mention the first two lines: «5h du mat, j’ai des frissons, je claque des dents et je monte le son» (It’s five in the morning, I’m shivering, my teeth are chattering and I turn up the volume) that has stayed in everyone’s head, even the younger generations who don’t necessarily know where it comes from sing it the morning after…

It took almost ten years, three versions and two songwriters – Philippe Bourgoin and Gérard Presgurvic – to finish the song. But at least they managed. Can you imagine such legally borderline lyrics today? As for the reactions to the song’s political incorrectness that are nevertheless a deliciously outlet for frustrations… One thing is sure, “chacun” no longer gets to do “ce qu’il lui plait”.


• See the official video with polar, crime and 80' atmosphere!




Indefatigable graffiti artists, among the first street artists in France now also exhibit their wares in galleries. Their character, Zulman Kojito, who brings walls to life, is still interacting with passers-by, while their brightly coloured slogans make us all think. Here are a few messages from Vive la Peinture, which has just celebrated its thirty year anniversary.

"Vive la Peinture", a group created by Jean Gabaret et Michel Espagnon

  • 32- Foodoir

    source Internet


Sick of salmon, France’s favourite fish? Well, it’s time to shift to herring, a cool fish that likes big crowds: it moves in huge shoals in cold, salt waters filled with oxygen! From the Atlantic to the Baltic, via the North Sea, etc. It likes dark blue, like the colour of its back, living in deep water during the day and coming nearer the surface at night. It travels along the coastline until it reaches maturity at the age of three. This is why it is so easy to fish, and so abundant. This providential availability like a maritime miracle explains how cheap it is in the shops. 

In olden days however, it was worth its weight in gold, as it was both food and currency in the time of the Hanse. Let’s remember that the Hanseatic league created by the big ports in the Baltic sea in 1241 starting with Lübeck and Hamburg (before moving to Rotterdam, Antwerp, Dunkirk…), was an association to fight piracy and to defend martime territories and remained very powerful until the 16th century.

It is a fish with some strange names according to the way it is prepared. When smoked and dried, the herring can be referred to as “gendarme” due to its stiffness when dried and its golden colour like the epaulettes of the old uniform. 

Not exclusive enough for Christmas? We beg to differ. Among all of the diverse uses of this fish, the marinated herring category is unexpectedly refined and features on the menus of all the great Nordic restaurants. Herring fillets marinated in orange, curry or Xérès…
At home, the easiest dish to prepare is herring fillets with apple and a little crème fraiche - a certain delicacy – taken out of the ordinary with a drop of calvados! The most nourishing (often served in brasseries) is the herring and warm potato salad with or without slices of onions, and always with a little olive oil, unbeatable.

How can you tell if a herring is fresh? The scales should be shiny and the eyes red! 

So it goes well with all the red eyes in the photos on New Year’s Day!


  • 32- ecran arret

    Jean-Louis Foulquier, deceased on decembre 10th.


Jean-Louis Foulquier was 70 years of age. He was the free and rebellious presenter of the unforgettable “Studio de nuit” on France Inter, and the founder of the “Francofolies” that went on to be more famous than he. 
He was once forced to give up on presenting a television show because he refused to remove his earring. Free and rebellious.

His wavelength vibrated in another world.


They asked us to talk about this.
We like it so we're doing it… Our way !
  • 31- Corruption

    Photo © Cédric Canaud


Out of ideas for arranging your furniture differently and creating a new feeling in your living room? Having problems pushing the walls – unless you break them down – to give your bedroom another dimension? No worries. Now, all you have to do is play with your rug! 

The principle is simple: pieces (or modules) sized 132x83cm each made of a rectangular slice and strips that you can combine, juxtapose, superimpose, thread together in order to create multiple assemblies and shapes. From the simple square to crosses, stars, mosaic effects or designs straight out of your imagination… The possibilities are endless and you never get tired of letting your imagination run free to create all sorts of motifs, outlining zones, rethinking architecture and living differently in the same place according to your wishes of the moment. The same place can be a living area, a dance floor, a game zone or a reading corner… Everything in the same ultra-contemporary, even artistic spirit, thanks to the structured lines and the rough, natural materials of each module.

This collection is called “Un peu comme Gulliver” (a little like Gulliver), the perfect reference to fantastic literature and parallel universes that can pop up at any moment. You think you know a place but it takes so little to find out it can be so different! The idea is both clever and aesthetic and is the brainchild of Cédric Canaud, a young designer, and this is not his first project. In 2008, his line of fun textile objects for dotdotndot, in collaboration with Romain Gibert was evidence of his ambition to revisit everyday objects to make them more practical, innovative and interactive. We await his next project with bated breath and a chance to rethink our surroundings!

In the meantime, you can order the “Un peu comme Gulliver” modules and have fun decorating for the festive season… 


• 280 € for two modules. To order: contact@cedriccanaud.com
• Find out more about Cédric Canaud




In the market for some good cheer? Every morning you can pick one of a hundred little messages – advice or a thought – in the box. The «Pour devenir (encore) plus riche» (How to get richer?) box is also available!

20€ for the Daily’s Fortune box. For sale on giftcode.fr


Metro Poissonnière
Line 7

  • 32- Station

Dreaming of beautiful and really fresh oysters? Dreaming of Cancale in Paris? Head straight for “Pleine Mer”, in the 10th arrondissement. Here, the owner Sylvain Bertheau is first and foremost an oyster grower and sells oysters from his own stock. Here, the decor is simple and redolent of Brittany. And the prices are surprisingly affordable. Here, the petit Muscadet is a delight, as is the other seafood, fish or shellfish. Here, you can even take some home to enjoy at your leisure. And we haven’t even mentioned the desserts…

Pleine Mer
22 Rue de Chabrol, 75010 Paris ‎
01 53 34 64 47

  • 32- Quotichien

    Make your wish!


And in everyday life, what are our desires and wishes? Answers on a postcard…

“Sometimes, I wish I was the pretty woman I see in the street. With the playful air of someone who is really happy with themselves, who attracts looks from everywhere and seems bothered by nothing…” Caroline, 42.
This happens to us to… But to begin with, why don’t we straighten our shoulders and hold our heads high for a change?  Because that look suits nobody and it doesn’t help to walk any faster!

“I wish I could take all my kids and grandkids on holiday to Tuscany for a week.” Jeff, 68.
How kind! How sweet… And once you get there, some sleep in so the day-trip is delayed, stuff is left lying around everywhere… Family!

“I’m dying to make some progress in dance! After six months I seem to be at the same level!”. Sabine, 27.
And you still only go once a month?

“I would love to be able to afford designer dresses for my wife so she would be even more beautiful and feel like a princess …” Antoine, 54.
You aren’t scared she will take this for a hint that she doesn’t always dress that well? You know women…

“I wish Eric would fall in love with me…” Nina, 15.
Last week, didn’t you say the same about Remi?

“I wish I was still allowed to drive!” Janine, 88.
But do you know where you want to go?

“I wish people would speak more kindly to me.” Albin, 67.
But do you give them a chance?

“If I won Miss France, I would wish for world peace!” Véronique, 40.
You can try without becoming Miss France, we’re not sure any of them have succeeded, or even tried! 



What the wardrobes, walls or drawers of our teenage bedroom
say about who we are today.
  • 32- Junior Suite

    If I had to do it again...


As teenagers, we all have posters on the walls of our room. In my room there was an invasion of postcards, photos and little posters on a very clearly defined space: from the height and width of my top bunk to the ceiling. And there was only one theme: cinema! It entered my heart and system without my knowing. Probably a form of cultural inheritance pass on by my parents who often brought us to see old movies and with whom we often enjoyed “La dernière séance” with Eddy Mitchell. I also used to catch “Le cinéma de minuit” was broadcast very late on a Sunday on FR3 but which I managed to see from my bed as the TV was located at the perfect angle from my open bedroom door!

I was overcome by the stories and worlds each I would plunge into at each film. I literally experienced the plots, recreating them in my head. Then one Christmas, my parents bought me little plastic posters of “Gone with the wind” and “West Side Story”. This started off my collection of stills so I could relive the scenes… At the time, cinemas would post up stills to attract clients. I knew the shops that sold on these promotional stills and spent a lot of time there!

My wall became my screen… Right up there, in A3 format. My favourites were close to my pillow. For a long time the space was taken by « Star Wars », the « Empire Strikes Back » and the « Return of the Jedi ». Beside them of course there was Kubrick with «A Clockwork Orange » masterpieces by Coppola “The Godfather”, “Rumblefish” or “The Outsiders”… I would change the photos according to my most recent screenings or my obsessions of the moment and I would settle in up there to read Première or Ecran Fantastique. It was my form of escape, my reservoir of emotion.

I am not an actress. But every day I do take part in the immense dream machine that is the cinema: I am head of “Business & Legal” in a big production company!

B.A. from an interview with Elise B.



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