Numéro 37 Du 05/03 au 18/03/14

Métro Pyramides ou Palais-Royal
Ligne 7 ou 1

  • 37- Station

Les bars à tapas ne sont pas tous espagnols ! Il y a aussi les izakayas japonais. Vous pouvez essayer Izakaya Issé qui est en même temps un bistro à saké, avec un très grand choix dans toutes les bouteilles alignées. Du saké servi froid et chaud, les quantités sont petites alors on fait attention à l’addition qui peut monter vite... Pour le reste, on savoure l’anguille fumée ou les épinards et shiméji sautés. Entre autres ! Le tout dans un cadre agréable de murs en pierre… Non, vous n’êtes pas en Chine ! 

Izakaya Issé
45 rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris
01 42 96 26 60

Numéro 36 Du 19/02 au 04/03/13

Metro Pigalle
Line 2 or 12

  • 36- Station

It’s the place of the hour! And for good reason: it’s all desserts, all the time. But careful, it’s all a little misleading too, as here the opéra cake tastes more like foie gras and the ile flottante like black truffles… The experience is surprising as it proves how influential our sight is in preparing our palette and how the transformation makes us react. Let the fearful relax, the “real” desserts are actually sweet. In the meantime, kudos to Sephora Nahon, the project’s initiator, and the talent of her chef François Cresp, not to mention the collaboration of chef David Gutman, who trained under Ducasse. Feel like forgetting everything you know about taste?

Privé de dessert
4 Rue Lallier, 75009 Paris
01 45 26 84 43

Numéro 35 Du 05/02 au 18/02/13

Métro Les Halles or Bourse
Line 4 ou 3

  • 35- Station

Have you met Martine? Whatever your answer, the time is right to meet her now! The “Musée en Herbe” welcomes visitors into a giant book to meet with this legendary heroine and get to know the work of her creator, the author Marcel Marlier. Whether or not you are in disguise, a treasure hunt guides you through the story of the little girl who is sixty this year! An interactive exhibition that is not without humour and also draws a parallel with the changes in society during the second half of the 20th century.

Exhibition “I Love Martine”,
Musée en Herbe, 21 rue Hérold - Paris 75001,
until March 2nd, every day, 10:00 -19:00

Numéro 34 Du 22/01 au 04/02/2014

Metro Abbesses
Line 12

  • 34- Station

If you are looking for a convivial ambience and don’t mind a crush, go visit the family on a little street on the butte Montmartre. You will be stunned by the conceptual dishes and cocktails, as graphically visual as they are delicious, with a creative fusion vibe. The decor is simple as is the menu which is seasonal and surprising (lemon tart as a three-parter…), not to mention the highly appreciated talents of the barman. A rendezvous with talent.

La Famille, 41 rue des Trois-Frères, Paris 18e - Tel : 01 42 52 11 12

Numéro 33 Du 08/01 au 21/01/14

Wandering routes
Variable metros!

  • 33- Station

This is a nice idea to get an instant shot of feel-good in the arm! "Le Boudoir des cocottes", a girly pink vintage van that has been converted into a beauty salon, parks outside your office and offers fifteen-minute manicures, hairstyles (chignons, high buns, fashion pony-tails…), make-up or wax (upper lip/ eyebrows). In short, the basics needed in an emergency – shiny new nails before an important meeting or spur-of-the-moment date – or before going to a party straight from the office. The price list is a small and sweet as the boudoir, taking care of our financial health!

For more information :

Numéro 32 Du 24/12/13 au 08/01/2013

Metro Poissonnière
Line 7

  • 32- Station

Dreaming of beautiful and really fresh oysters? Dreaming of Cancale in Paris? Head straight for “Pleine Mer”, in the 10th arrondissement. Here, the owner Sylvain Bertheau is first and foremost an oyster grower and sells oysters from his own stock. Here, the decor is simple and redolent of Brittany. And the prices are surprisingly affordable. Here, the petit Muscadet is a delight, as is the other seafood, fish or shellfish. Here, you can even take some home to enjoy at your leisure. And we haven’t even mentioned the desserts…

Pleine Mer
22 Rue de Chabrol, 75010 Paris ‎
01 53 34 64 47

Numéro 31 Du 11/12 au 24/12/2013

Metro Etienne Marcel
Line 4

  • 31- Station

For this festive season, the concept store Question Mark Society welcomes a gang unlike any other up until December 31st: Girls and Roses! Designers with a true rock and roll but glamorous style including Gabriella de Galzain and her new collection of iconic jewellery, Iris de Saint-Germain and her irresistible shoes with the famous WarHawks, Lord SM and his clothes, jackets and scarves as seen on many stars, Icône Pourpre… Most are one-off pieces or limited editions to decorate your wardrobe or under the tree. On your marks!

Question Mark Society
18, rue de Turbigo
75002 Paris

And for a more in-depth design experience, try the «Fashion & Design» section in the Acharnœur !

Numéro 30 Du 27/11 au 10/12/13

Metro Notre Dame de Lorette or Filles du Calvaire
Line 12 ou 8

  • 30- Station

At «les Cakes de Bertrand», you can buy bags, purses, trays, jewellery, perfume, stationery, clothes, books… Generous and elegant accessories that immerse you in the brand’s own retro-glamour style. Twice a year, almost iconic visuals based on women and the Eiffel tower are revealed in the irresistible collections. Most of the objects are made in his Paris workshop. Les Cakes de Bertrand, is also an «L’école française», a curiosity shop of trinkets. A piece of advice: take the time to wander through the boutiques or on the website to find limited editions or one-off pieces priced from 3€ to 320€…  Feel like a beautiful gift?

7 rue Boudaloue, 75009 Paris
137 rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris

Numéro 29 Du 13/11 au 27/11/13


  • 29- Station

Were you born in the seventies or the eighties? Or you have heard so much about the period that it has made you curious to know more? While you can’t go back in time, you can still find the objects that marked these eras. From the ‘slinky’ that goes down the stairs on its own to the DVD of “Bouba” not to mention the sachet of Tang, it’s all there! Have fun sharing it with your friends: “OMG, do you remember that?” and give little presents that make you feel fifteen again. Were you born in the nineties? This site has thought of you too…

Discover the treasures : generation-souvenirs

Numéro 28 Du 30/10 au 12/11/13

Metro Place d'Italie
Line 5,6 ou 7

  • 28- Station

So you feel like something other than the traditional Chrysanthemums at All-Saints? Give “Art et Végétal” a visit, a florist whose bouquets are inventive, original and elegant… and affordable! Run by Jacques Castagné, winner of “France’s best worker”, the boutique is a veritable garden. It is filled with many rare and traditional varieties for creating all kinds of floral compositions and sculptures, even the most eccentric. For those of you who don’t live in Paris “Art et Végétal” delivers in certain cities around France. A blooming good idea!

Art et Végétal
192, rue Tolbiac 75013 Paris

Numéro 27 Du 16/10 au 29/10/13

Métro Cardinal Lemoine or Jussieu
Line 10 ou 7

  • 27- Station

So you can’t channel Bree Van der Kamp to make an amazing cake (see Foodoir)? Head for Sugarplum Cake Shop. Opened in 2010 this shop is a flavour-filled blend of tradition and creativity. As a base, the famous American-style round or square sponge cakes that can be stacked. Then add the most original, elegant or crazy decoration ideas… They are literally astonishing! Each cake is a made-to-measure marvel, with all natural ingredients, guaranteed without industrial preparation or artificial flavours. An extra little luxury that is far from insignificant. It’s simple, Sugarplum make the Frenchest of American cakes. Applause!

Sugarplum Cake Shop
68 rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris

Numéro 26 2/10 au 15/10/13

Metro Cour Saint-Émilion
Line 14

  • 26- Station

It’s grape-picking and wine fair season. A chance to savour some of the great harvests. To do so while enjoying some good food, head down to «Chai 33». As under the big dining room there is a huge 250m2 wine cellar… open to everyone! You order your dinner and the sommelier brings you downstairs to choose the wine that will best match your dish. There, you enter one of the capital’s biggest caves, with no less than 300 wines. A convivial and original oenological experience… And should you prefer to stay at your table, the sommelier will be able to advise you just as easily. Perfect!

Chai 33
Bercy Village - 33 Cour Saint Emilion, 75012 Paris

Numéro 25 Du 18/09 au 01/10/13

Metro Hôtel de ville ou Cordeliers
Line C or A

  • 25- Station

You know what you’re in for the minute you walk in the front door! An arch made from books welcomes you into this unusual bookshop. You will find works from the big publishing houses side by side with the output from small independents with the sole aim of providing exposure to writers and themes that are usually under the radar, whether in literature, human sciences, cartoon strips, thrillers, film, young people, art, etc. This is not surprising though as «Le Bal des Ardents» is run by true book-lovers, the shop manager in particular spends hours reading books and is prepared to spend hours talking about them! Pure joy!

Le Bal des Ardents
17 rue Neuve, 69001 Lyon
For more information about the store and the readings, encounters and debates it hosts:

Numéro 24 04/09 au 17/09/13

Station Abbesses
Line 12

  • 24- Station

Montmartre is already like a village within the capital, an otherworld inside the city, but there is a restaurant hidden down a little street in the Abbesses quarter that brings the final touch to a desire for escape. Bound for Spain. The decor of the restaurant will not necessarily tell you that but the menu will. Plenty of tapas and dishes made by the boss herself who hasn’t let standards drop over the years. Generous portions and pricing that makes the recession melt away. The type of address that one prefers to keep secret. But between us…

12, rue de Véron, 75018 Paris
Reservation is recommended  

Numéro 23 04/09 au 17/09/13

Tours Station
Line "Fil Bleu"

  • 10- Station

Issue 10 from 20/02 to 05/03/13

The inhabitants of Tours know where to go. They are refined connoisseurs of their culinary heritage and since 1907, have been queuing up for these divine brioches! The store frontage is relatively charmless, the interior is sparse, but no matter, the delicious odour of brioches of various types has us drooling immediately; often still warm, they come small, big, round, rectangle, sweet versions with chocolate, chestnut puree, but also savoury with blue cheese sauce or salmon… Travellers, do yourselves a favour, take a look, it’s a stone’s throw from the station!  Enjoyment guaranteed!

Briocherie Lelong
13, place Général Leclerc - 37000 Tours 

Numéro 22 Du 07/08 au 20/08/13

Everywhere in the world

  • 22- Station

On a base, a recliner or on the water, all rest requires a good one. When others are busy looking for "the place to be", I’ve found the perfect place to enjoy myself in many ways… 


Numéro 21 Du 24/07 au 5/08/13

Station 51st/53rd St. (Hyde Park)

  • 21- Station

You have to be Chicago born and bred to know this place. One says that Barack Obama used to come here in search of “good music” before he became President. It was taken over in 201X by a French man (Eh oui), Alexis Bouteville and more than ever remains the essential stop for its Jazz, Blues, Soul, Gospel and more recently Rock or Hip-Hop selection. People come to buy and sell, among other things, rare vinyl, difficult to find CDs and limited edition DVDs. There are regular live gigs with an atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere when you want to hang out and flick through records for the hidden gem.

Hyde Park Records
1377 E 53rd Street, Chicago

Numéro 20 10/07 au 23/07/13

Ponton de Letraz
74320 Sévrier

  • 20- Station

The lake at Annecy. With its transparent water, heavenly colours, little hidden beaches. To discover «nature» in a different way in Europe’s purest lake, you have to take The Boat. It is an eleven metre catamaran that takes you on unique nautical trips and adventures. Arnaud, professional skipper for over 20 years let’s you go with the flow, or play sailor… Regardless, the experience is always beautiful and pleasant. Go «à la carte» or organise a special event, The Boat can take up to twelve passengers. All aboard !

Numéro 19 du 26/06 au 9/07/13

Station Notre-Dame-de-Lorette or Cadet
Line 12 or 7

  • 19- Station

You like wandering around antique and garage sales in the hope of locating a bargain ? Well, now you can find them all year round! This furniture depot in the centre of Paris changes stock regularly and follows the golden rule of the «garage sale»: unusual objects, classics or love-at-first-sight pieces. In good or «loved» condition, but always at a reasonable price. The latest arrivals are shown outside. The brave who venture inside find themselves in Ali Baba’s cave, or in a goldmine !

Dépôt Vente du 9ème
42 rue Maubeuge
75009 Paris

Numéro 18 Du 12 au 25 juin 2013

Station Gare de Sospel
TER Nice - Breil sur Roya

  • 18- Station

For those who can’t resist playing at Harry Potter or Hercule Poirot. Well, you no longer need to head to platform 9 3/4 to find the Orient Express. Rendezvous instead at Sospel station near Nice, where a restaurant unlike any other will take you on a journey out of the ordinary ! Come in… and settle comfortably into the dinner car of the legendary Orient Express no less! The menu is full of Provencal specialities. And even though the train doesn’t move, you are sure to feel like you are elsewhere !

Orient Express
Gare de Sospel, place de Borriglione
06380 Sospel

Numéro 17 29/05 au 12/06


  • 17-station

In need of some air ? The Allauch wooded park in the South of France hides some very surprising little bubbles…. Sleep under the stars without the disadvantages of camping. From your luxuriously appointed sphere you can find yourself again, far from the madding crowd, and decipher some cosmic mysteries at the same time with your telescope.
The concept is eco-friendly, the precious cocoons are very high-tech : made of a reinforced, anti-UV material, with a silent ventilation system to constantly renew the air. Be the boy (or girl) in the bubble ! Sounds good to us…

Chemin de la Ribassière
13190 Allauch

Numéro 16 15/05 au 28/05 /13

Metro Poissonnière or Château d’eau
Line 7 or 4

  • 16- Station

What if the gates of hell were on rue de Paradis? The city of light is darker and more worrying that we think… Somewhere between a museum of horrors and a haunted house, the Manoir de Paris helps you to relive the legends that have made the capital and its inhabitants tremble for centuries: disappearances in the catacombs, ghostly apparitions at the opera, the place will fill you with terror… And if you dream of being a part of history? You’ll get an extra little fright!

Le Manoir de Paris
18 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris  

Numéro 15 01/05 au 14/05

Station Grand Théâtre
Tramway B

  • 15- Station

With its candy pink facade, boudoir decor and deliciously presented little marvels, Les douceurs de Louise rhyme with "Yes please"! Not surprising when we know that the genius behind these pastries is the master chef Philippe Andrieu. Metallic green, gold or delicate pink, here the cannelé come in a number of shades and the macaroons are as good as any of the big name houses. Feeling like something new? The specials of the moment inspire all taste buds... A must, for Bordeaux natives and everyone else!

Les Douceurs de Louise
10 Place des Grands Hommes, 33000 Bordeaux

Numéro 14 17/04 au 30/05

Metro Strasbourg-St-Denis
Line 4

  • 14- Station

Some people get into discussions with complete strangers they meet between courses, others jump for joy at a fuzz ball match or simply get up and dance because they like the tune ! With paintings and vinyl records on the walls, the edgy soul of this bar hasn’t changed for years. One is inevitably borne aloft by the red neon and the atmosphere. That’s the « family » as they say, the place is even called « home » by the regulars. The Mauri7, good times!

Le Mauricette (or Mauri7)
46, rue du faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris

Numéro 13 03/04 au 16/04/13

Saint-Guirec beach
bus le Macareux

  • 13- Station 2

The Saint-Guirec oratory is a listed building and is the location for a very mysterious custom : if a lady manages to stick a needle in the already «holey» stone, she will be soon married… An ancestral legend that young single women like to keep up! But careful, the statue is high on a rock on the beach at Saint-Guirec and is only reachable at low tide. Should luck be against you, the crêperie «le Mao» is nearby if you are looking for comfort food!

Crêperie "Le Mao"
147 rue St Guirec22700 Perros-Guirec

Numéro 12 20/03 au 01/04/13

Metro Trocadéro or Victor Hugo
Line 9, 6 or 12

  • 12- Station 2

Another nod in her direction by Damyel. This family-run house was set up in 1988, and they take great care when manufacturing all sorts of sweet treats but also with the packaging and distribution. Savour their chocolates, dragées, glazed chestnuts, nougat… And among their specialities is this Eiffel Tower ! A little Paris directly on the taste buds, taste Gustave with gusto, and Easter Monday becomes very creative indeed. As when this manufacturer transforms the grande dame into chocolate, they cover her in a fondant dress with a delicate cocoa architecture underneath. Better find her a good hiding place as our famous tower might attract a few greedy admirers ! 

Damyel, a number of stores including:
33, avenue Raymond Poincaré, 75116 Paris
Or on

Numéro 11 06/03 au 19/03/13

Metro Marcel Sembat
Ligne 9

  • 11- Station

Redbrick walls, Sneakers under glass and big bikes. Welcome to Tough Cookie Shop, a location that attracts through its concept as much as its edgy references. So, what can you buy ? « B.I.G » cookies, morning coffee, evening drinks and mostly a clothes section where artist’s pieces rub shoulders with ready-to-wear. You can even get a tattoo… A vintage and innovative approach for a broadly influenced, carefully cultivated cocktail. A Brooklynesque address in Boulogne. A real treat for the curious and the regulars!

Tough Cookie Shop
17, rue d'Issy 
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Numéro 10 20/02 au 5/03/13

Tours Station
Line "Fil Bleu"

  • 10- Station

The inhabitants of Tours know where to go. They are refined connoisseurs of their culinary heritage and since 1907, have been queuing up for these divine brioches! The store frontage is relatively charmless, the interior is sparse, but no matter, the delicious odour of brioches of various types has us drooling immediately; often still warm, they come small, big, round, rectangle, sweet versions with chocolate, chestnut puree, but also savoury with blue cheese sauce or salmon… Travellers, do yourselves a favour, take a look, it’s a stone’s throw from the station!  Enjoyment guaranteed!

Briocherie Lelong
13, place Général Leclerc - 37000 Tours 

Numéro 9 06/02 au 19/02/13

Metro Louvre-Rivoli or Pont Neuf
Line 1 ou 7

  • 09- Station

It’s a place where people go to seal their love! Like many other cities in the world, Paris has its Bridge where lovers come to hang a padlock as a symbol of their union. Then, they throw the key into the Seine… Of course certain heritage purists are opposed to the practice but the tradition remains incredibly romantic. It makes for a lovely stroll, whether or not it’s February 14th, whether one is Parisian or passing through, whether one is in love or alone.

Pont des Arts - 75001 Paris
Also : the Pont d’Archevêché and the passerelle Léopold Sédar-Senghor

• Where is the lover’s lane in your town or city? Send us a photo or an email: See our «La news qui court» to see it all!

Numéro 8 Du 23/01 au 05/02/13

Métro Madeleine or Mabillon
Line 12 or 10

  • 08- Station

They are more than just in the news. Between the cold and our artist on the Avenue, gloves are the essential accessory. Whether you want them lined with cashmere or silk, fur-lined with rabbit skin or simple leather or wool, JB Guanti has all styles and all types. From glamorous to traditional, for women and men… Cut and handmade in Italy, they smell of good quality ad sometimes have an original touch. In the store, the salespeople are at your disposal to take the time needed to find the perfect pair and the after sales service is impeccable. - Two stores in Paris :
18 rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris?
59 rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris

Numéro 7 09 au 22/01/13

Metro Jules Joffrin
Line 12

  • 07- Station

Valentine Doky was one of our Advent calendar guests. A professional masseuse, she used to work in five star hotels before bringing her knowledge and experience to her own institute. Your comfort is given top priority, beginning with the shower where clients love to wash away all the bad vibes before picking up some good ones. After a massage that lasts an hour and fifteen minutes, adapted to each client’s needs, Valentine brings you back to reality with a hot drink. Happiness.

Valentine Doky
27, rue Hermel - 75018 Paris
06 65 04 42 18

Namecheck the Acharnœur when booking before March 31th 2013 and your massage is 65€ instead of 80€ ! English and Dansih spoken.

Numéro 6 26/12/12 au 08/01/13

Skibus "La Serraz"
Line D

  • 06- Station

Established in 1910 by François Pollet-Thiollier this restaurant was once a sawmill, hence the name. It closed in 1973, and reopened its doors in 1999 thanks to the great grandson of M. Pollet-Thillier and his wife who decided to make this magical place into a restaurant. In cosy surroundings with huge wooden beams, impressively high ceilings and bay windows, one can savour divine regional dishes. For pre or post dinner drinks, the sofa in front of the huge fire finishes off the fairytale. A little corner of heaven in the mountains.

Restaurant La Scierie
331 Route du Col des Aravis74220 La Clusaz
04 50 63 34 68 -‎

Numéro 5 12/12 au 25/12/12


  • 05- Station

Because all Christmas gifts are not wrapped in store, because finding nice motifs can take hours of searching, because quality paper that doesn’t rip at the slightest movement is hard to come by, we went looking elsewhere. We went looking for wallpaper ! This site has an amazing collection, not necessarily seventies style, and sells by the roll or by the A4 sheet. Even the prices are reasonable.


Numéro 4 28/11 au 11/12/12

Metro Notre Dame de Lorette
Line 12

  • 04- Station

From the outside, the shop looks like nothing in particular. And it can only fit two clients at a time. So, in theory, it has nothing going for it. Except this shoe repair shop has been handed down from father to son since 1969 by real experts who consider shoes to be works of art. You only need to watch Fabrice holding each pair, observing, describing and planning the intervention… His pleasure is palpable and his work is that of a true master. Whether the name on your shoes is  Louis Vuitton, Karine Arabian or Bata.


Cordonnerie LaffitteMonday to friday - 07h30 to 18h30 without interruption
58, rue Laffitte, 75009 Paris
01 48 78 62 12

Numéro 3 14/11 au 27/11/12

Métro Etienne Marcel ou Sentier
Ligne 03 ou 04

  • 03- Station

This perfume store has been in the Montorgueil area for 35 years and is one of the city’s oldest.  But the place is special for other, non-historical reasons. The team here are passionate about rare fragrances that are full of character and propose an astonishing selection of creators and creations. Well-known or lesser-known names take the client on a unique olfactory voyage. A real world of niche perfumes…

Aroma Parfums&Soins
22, rue Etienne Marcel - 75002 Paris

Numéro 2 31/10 au 13/11

Metro Mabillon or Odéon
Line 10 ou 04

  • 02- Station

«Art is show» for the two artists Michel Espagnon and Jean Gabaret from the VLP (Vive La Peinture) collective, who climbed out of the Paris Catacombs in 1983 to spread their graffiti art around the city. Since then they have taken their art to Germany, and even to nightclubs (la Loco, le Rex), behind ZUMAN their stylised character computer-generated from collected photos. They are having a stopover in the galerie Seven for the next month.


Fore more informations:  

For the moment:
Espace Seven
7 rue Bonaparte  - 75006 Paris

Numéro 1 17/10 au 30/10

Place du Trocadéro
Lines 6 and 9

  • 01-station

Absorb the breathtaking view of the Tour Eiffel from Trocadero and then head back in search of a café. We are spoilt for choice but always end up at Brasserie Malakoff. A true Parisian brasserie that, for the neighbourhood, is reasonably priced. So it is already a find. But what really makes the difference is the service. We have tested everything, from the early morning coffee to the lunch rush to the closing-time drink, there is always a friendly smile, a rare commodity. Now that’s a delicacy !
6, place du Trocadéro et du 11 novembre 75116 Paris