Numéro 37 Du 05/03 au 18/03/14


Qui est cette femme, se mêlant aux piétons pressés, passant des ruelles du Vieux-Lyon aux fameux couloirs du métro parisien, déambulant au gré des envies et de la vie quotidienne ?
Avec sa démarche assurée, elle semble vouloir nous conduire quelque part, libre de tout. Provocation ou poésie ? C'est la question que nous pose Alice Dardun avec sa série, «L'Inconnue».

Numéro 36 Du 19/02 au 04/03/13


Among the photographers who love to capture movement in one image, Frédéric Delangle is a veritable virtuoso who has managed to catch the vibration of lovemaking and transform it visually into an elusive feeling of sensual delight. In the "Coït" series, with its peculiar lighting, the superimposition of movements covers the love scenes with a veil of discretion.

Numéro 35 Du 05/02 au 18/02/13


Observing people an immortalising everyday scenes with such humour is the signature of the painter Marc Vioulès. His style is somewhere between cartoon and caricature, his luminous paintings depict our society to perfection. And when the subject is couples, he misses nothing! The not-so-exaggerated exaggeration is hilarious! Extract.

Numéro 34 Du 22/01 au 04/02/2014


What’s left of the big hippy dreams shot through with Indian wisdom? In Auroville, the utopian village created in 1968 near Pondichery as a "place of universal community where men and women would learn to live in peace, in perfect harmony", is the Matrimandir, the building considered to be the soul of the place. Frédéric Delangle* magnified the curves and the red depth of the interior of this spherical light-filled monument that is still very difficult to access.

Numéro 33 Du 08/01 au 21/01/14


To what extent is our inner world receptive to the outside world? An existential question on which Julie de Waroquier waxed poetically in the "Solipsisme" series. Dreamlike individual photographs that evolve in their own bubble, modulating according to the winds of reality.

Numéro 32 Du 24/12/13 au 08/01/2013


Indefatigable graffiti artists, among the first street artists in France now also exhibit their wares in galleries. Their character, Zulman Kojito, who brings walls to life, is still interacting with passers-by, while their brightly coloured slogans make us all think. Here are a few messages from Vive la Peinture, which has just celebrated its thirty year anniversary.

Numéro 31 Du 11/12 au 24/12/2013


Singles, couples, big families, or generational gatherings… Nothing beats mealtimes when trying to show people’s lives. So, for three years, Stéphanie Lacombe invited herself to dinner to capture everyday scenes. Extract from this series that won her the Nièpce award in 2009.

Numéro 30 Du 27/11 au 10/12/13


Barbie. All the little girls dream about her and long to be like her. While this image of the female form is consistently controversial, it still continues to inspire a beauty cliché. And what if those little girls really started to look like her? Alain Delorme put it into practice with parental control.

Numéro 29 Du 13/11 au 27/11/13


Nothing but a facade… Not very inspiring. It even engenders suspicion. Nevertheless, when it’s the only thing that remains in our streets, it is a soul that lives on or a story to be told. This series by Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy bears witness to this. Does just a facade mean authenticity or falsity? We’ll let you be the judge.

Numéro 28 Du 30/10 au 12/11/13


A glimpse of a shoulder, the corner of a smile, a curve… Irina Fondain is in love with these details that make us unique. She sublimates them and renders them so haunting through her kaleidoscope. Photos created without photoshop.

Numéro 27 Du 16/10 au 29/10/13


Between the real and the imaginary, Sandrine Estrade Boulet revisits monuments, footpaths and landscapes, always with an astonishing imagination… A way of looking at our surroundings in a totally different manner! Extracts from a series as weird as it is irresistible.

Numéro 26 2/10 au 15/10/13


“In vino veritas"? Perhaps. It is also said that to drink from someone else’s glass reveals what they are thinking. In any case, Philippe Lelièvre has not emptied his glass and proposes an unusual tour in "Garde-robe". Beyond the reflections, an upside down world shines…

Numéro 25 Du 18/09 au 01/10/13


No, it isn’t a Rothko but it is just as beautiful, when Denis Baudier transforms familiar objects into works of art. Here, books become paintings or sculptures. And while they cannot be read, they remain captivating nonetheless.

Numéro 24 04/09 au 17/09/13


China is fascinates due to its economic metamorphosis and huge production volumes and here it is cleverly symbolised. With much humanism, Alain Delorme makes individuals grow –laborious ants balancing precariously on piles of objects– to give them value in "Totems".

Numéro 23 04/09 au 17/09/13


Issue 14 from 17/04 to 30/05/13

Considered to be the contemporary heir to Goya and El Greco, the Madrid-based photographer Eugenio Recuenco blends his futuristic and phantasmagorical style with cubism. He has produced an ingenious and intriguing series that revisits the work of one of history’s leading painters, another Spaniard. We’ll let you guess who…

Numéro 22 Du 07/08 au 20/08/13


We often talk about beautiful sunsets forgetting the amazing tableaux you draw in the sky also. Thankfully, we looked up… Seven shots in your honour! 


Numéro 21 Du 24/07 au 5/08/13


Men mark their borders, at times in a derisory fashion, but the earth knows no frontiers. This is what we learn from this magnificent series signed Valerio Vincenzo who has travelled across all of the countries that opened up since Schengen. Extracts.

Numéro 20 10/07 au 23/07/13


It is often said that fashion can be greedy. Or that it is a question of taste. If we were to apply those two ideas really, what would we get? We would get this incredible series signed Fulvio Bonavia.

Numéro 19 du 26/06 au 9/07/13


As the rain looks like it’s here to stay, we might as well have some fun with it. From behind a window, she transforms us, reveals us, hides us… Enemy or ally? It all depends on what’s on your mind. A mirror game where the key is not beauty. A series signed Alice Dardun.

Numéro 18 Du 12 au 25 juin 2013


All those plastic shells that wrap the objects of our daily lives. We barely notice them... But when the photographer Denis Baudier takes a look through his viewfinder, these blisters become unrecognisable. Almost ghostly...

Numéro 17 29/05 au 12/06


A place, a scene that doesn’t change from one season to the next ? Or a view that can be recognised according to its inhabitants and its tourists ? And the crowd, anonymous human beings or individuals whose private life is exposed in a public place ? Answers to be found in Coney Island with a series by Baptiste Lignel and Johnny Miller.

Numéro 16 15/05 au 28/05 /13


Whether they pull up at the red carpet or fly around grand prix tracks, cars always have a whiff of legend. And just a detail, or an emblem, is needed to take us off on a beautiful journey. Personal destination. A series by Odile Berthemy.

Numéro 15 01/05 au 14/05


Ths story of a young tree, taken from its forest to experience thousands of adventures. The destiny of man is inextricably linked to that of the tree because they depend on one another. Searching for roots or fleeing them, the question has always been to figure out where one feels best. By Samuel Hense.

Numéro 14 17/04 au 30/05


Considered to be the contemporary heir to Goya and El Greco, the Madrid-based photographer Eugenio Recuenco blends his futuristic and phantasmagorical style with cubism. He has produced an ingenious and intriguing series that revisits the work of one of history’s leading painters, another Spaniard. We’ll let you guess who…

Numéro 13 03/04 au 16/04/13


Wearing moccasins, tap shoes, trainers or nothing at all, the artist Geoffrey Bouin and his partner Brandon Guyomard one day thought «Photograpieds». The crazy name explains the concept well: our feet find themselves in the spotlight of everyday life and are illustrated by expressions from the two artists and their friends, putting their best foot forward. Extracts.

Numéro 12 20/03 au 01/04/13


On March 31st it is the Eiffel Tower’s birthday. A chance to give it the once over. But from a building, behind a wall, through a detail… Seen differently but always with prestige. Because the Grande Dame is as captivating as ever. A collective series.

Numéro 11 06/03 au 19/03/13


If  the art of bondage provokes all sorts of reactions – physical or emotional, that of Thomas Duval should above all surprise, seduce and make you smile. And there is something for everyone, not just for their taste in fruits or vegetables. To be savoured.

Numéro 10 20/02 au 5/03/13


The photographer Olivier Roller went to have a little talk with the Roman Emperors in a deserted Louvre, and reminds us through this profoundly «human» series that while power is immutable, man is brittle, and time is stronger than anything. Worrying.

Numéro 9 06/02 au 19/02/13


Newspapers, television, cinema, toys, video games… War is omnipresent in our daily lives, but never for real. It is always linked to far away or fictional events. When shifted into an everyday space, the machines take on another scale. A series signed Léo Caillard.

Numéro 8 Du 23/01 au 05/02/13


When art meets accessories it can produce strange and sublime everyday objects. The illustrator’s fine and zany lines suggests underground tattoo parlours and a fantastic and macroscopic vision of botany. A series signed Cyrto.

Numéro 7 09 au 22/01/13


One actress, Sofiia Manousha, currently appearing in two films including «Le noir (te) va si bien» and short-listed for Revelations César 2013. One photographer. Two women who felt the need to show facets of femininity. A series signed Patience Priso.

Numéro 6 26/12/12 au 08/01/13


She is an air hostess but never leaves home without her camera. Her vision creates surprising images that tell of city, architecture and customs. Karen Prosnier is starting to show her work in Paris. Today she is making a stopover in Metaphor. All aboard.

Numéro 5 12/12 au 25/12/12


When a toy abandoned on a pavement is adopted by a photographer, its pensive look accompanies him everywhere. Urban landscapes and other familiar decors animated by the presence of  «Rosine», rendered very expressive in Romain Boutillier’s work.

Numéro 4 28/11 au 11/12/12


His digital tableaux telescope his photos of urban architecture and industrial sites into phantasmagorical landscapes. Vertical compositions that blend an American universe with an Alpine universe, crossing train lines, ready to escape. A beautiful journey by Bruno Poletto.

Numéro 3 14/11 au 27/11/12


A sculpture? A painting? A photograph? All of the above… Wander through museums. Galleries animate our gallery. An original series by Clément Jolin. Limited edition prints available. For more info:

Numéro 2 31/10 au 13/11


When mythological characters step out from paintings or sculptures and come to life. They take inspiration from everyday objects to tell the story. A selection from the «Famythologie» series created by our photograph Odile Berthemy in 1990.

Numéro 1 17/10 au 30/10


When a warrior meets statues. Down with the arms, down with the helmets. Emotion, meditation or salutation. A declaration of love, not death. By the Berthemy/Kemler duo.