Numéro 37 Du 05/03 au 18/03/14


  • 37- Corruption

Rencontrer Nathalie, c’est se faire du bien. Pour ce qu’elle est et par ce qu’elle fait. Car Nathalie est une photographe amoureuse des gens. Que l’on soit maçon ou mannequin, elle n’hésite pas à s’immiscer dans les univers, observer et saisir ce que nous sommes. Sans jamais mentir, ni trahir.

Là est le point essentiel de son travail : hors de question de rendre sublime en rendant méconnaissable, de faire un portrait parfaitement mis en scène mais parfaitement éloigné de ce qu’est la personne dans sa vie de tous les jours. Il s’agit de «faire connaître», de valoriser chaque individu en allant chercher, certes, son meilleur angle physique mais aussi sa personnalité. C’est là que tout se joue.

Après plus de treize ans à exercer son talent dans les bureaux, la rue, des soirées de gala, les chantiers, elle vient d’ouvrir son studio pour accueillir qui veut. Qui veut avoir un vrai portrait plein de vie ou de tendresse. Qui veut un beau portrait à mettre sous cadre ou sur internet. 
On peut venir seul ou à plusieurs, en famille, avec des amis ou des collègues. Dans ce studio, aux ambiances loft new-yorkaises, tout est là pour que vous vous sentiez à l’aise : dans un coin, un petit bureau en bois reconverti en coiffeuse au cas où on voudrait se faire une petite retouche au dernier moment… Près de la fenêtre avec vue sur la Tour Eiffel, une table de jardin pour un café, un thé… Puis, quand la séance commence, Nathalie déroule un fond blanc, noir ou gris. Là, elle vous regarde bouger ou vous figer par le trac, cherche la lumière puis… vous guide ! Des petits gestes simples qui vous mettent à l’aise. Votre naturel revient. Vous reprenez vos attitudes et c’est parti ! 

Une heure de shooting plus tard, vous découvrez le résultat. Vous souriez, vous aimez ce qui en ressort, sans aucune correction ou falsification Photoshop. Vous validez. Alors Nathalie sort une clé USB, y copie les fichiers –une quarantaine au bas mot- et vous la donne. Vous repartez avec vos photos. Vous êtes contents. Nathalie aussi. «J’essaie de me rendre utile» explique-t-elle. Mission réussie.

Marie Veyrier

• Le Studio de Nathalie. 250€ ht la séance. Métro Père-Lachaise. Pour prendre rendez-vous : 06 07 13 54 88 / 

Numéro 34 Du 22/01 au 04/02/2014


  • 34- Corruption

Feel like smiles and “bonne bouffe”? Head for the 17th arrondissement in Paris. In a neighbourhood that has a few southern-flavoured addresses, you can now find “La Rosa”. And despite a level of competition that goes well beyond a few streets, this Italian restaurant stands out already after only a month in business. 

As you walk in the door, there is a genuine spontaneity that is never overdone in the sing-song Italian or “Frantalian” welcome. We like. The two small rooms have been decorated in chic bistro style. While we do get a little transalpine taste with a few decorative objects or artisanal products here and there, the owners have had the good taste to avoid the chequered tablecloth clichés that one should only find in long-established local eateries.

But the extraordinary thing is the menu. Words like “clams”, “black truffles”, “mascarpone cream” associated with “garlic”, “fresh pasta” or “hazelnuts” which mean that you have no choice but to go for starter, main course and dessert. In addition, why not, given the reasonable prices? Set menus for between 17€ and 19€, dishes costing 16€ rather than 25€… And when the plates arrive, you are glad you trusted your intuition. The only thing you didn’t plan for was the quantity! The servings are more than generous to the extent that a customer nearby warned “You should let people know…; Your antipasti plate isn’t a starter, it is a main course!”. Yes, but just like in Italy!

So we tend to imagine a typical Italian “Mama” in the kitchen. One of those who takes one look at you and decides to cheer you up with some decent food. Except the Mama is a young Italian chef Emiliano Marzini who has worked in some of Tuscany’s best restaurants. Every day he proposes a personal cuisine with daily specials and an à la carte menu made daily with fresh products according to his inspiration of the moment. And as he is working in the kitchen, his wife Bérénice is making sure everything goes smoothly in the restaurant. And it does. What a treat!

• Restaurant La Rosa, 23, rue Guillaume Tell 75017 Paris. Tel :
Numéro 31 Du 11/12 au 24/12/2013


  • 31- Corruption

Out of ideas for arranging your furniture differently and creating a new feeling in your living room? Having problems pushing the walls – unless you break them down – to give your bedroom another dimension? No worries. Now, all you have to do is play with your rug! 

The principle is simple: pieces (or modules) sized 132x83cm each made of a rectangular slice and strips that you can combine, juxtapose, superimpose, thread together in order to create multiple assemblies and shapes. From the simple square to crosses, stars, mosaic effects or designs straight out of your imagination… The possibilities are endless and you never get tired of letting your imagination run free to create all sorts of motifs, outlining zones, rethinking architecture and living differently in the same place according to your wishes of the moment. The same place can be a living area, a dance floor, a game zone or a reading corner… Everything in the same ultra-contemporary, even artistic spirit, thanks to the structured lines and the rough, natural materials of each module.

This collection is called “Un peu comme Gulliver” (a little like Gulliver), the perfect reference to fantastic literature and parallel universes that can pop up at any moment. You think you know a place but it takes so little to find out it can be so different! The idea is both clever and aesthetic and is the brainchild of Cédric Canaud, a young designer, and this is not his first project. In 2008, his line of fun textile objects for dotdotndot, in collaboration with Romain Gibert was evidence of his ambition to revisit everyday objects to make them more practical, innovative and interactive. We await his next project with bated breath and a chance to rethink our surroundings!

In the meantime, you can order the “Un peu comme Gulliver” modules and have fun decorating for the festive season… 


• 280 € for two modules. To order:
• Find out more about Cédric Canaud


Numéro 25 Du 18/09 au 01/10/13


  • 25- Corruption

It was missing… Among the multitude of “Boxes” we get every month in exchange for a subscription promoting products of a certain category (cosmetics, fashion, food, animals…), this was missing. The one that would provide us with astonishing cultural and artistic content. Missing no longer! And it’s already available.

The name is Art Box by Wombat. Who or what is Wombat? Wombat is a team that has been coming up with art and culture-based concepts since 2002. A standout was the Wombat Pack, a sort of “lucky bag” with cultural programmes, cards and gifts, handed out for free at one hundred different locations around Paris…

So the Art Box is a natural follow-on for Wombat based on their “savoir faire”. Each month, the box proposes a different theme illustrated by:
- a limited edition photographic print. The first 200 prints to be sent randomly to subscribers will even be signed by the photographer.
- a portfolio of new illustrations, photographs,  writing…
- a surprise invitation for a night out (concert, exhibition, film, theatre, opera, festival…)
- a large format artwork (50x70cm) printed on recycled paper
- gifts (exhibition catalogues, books, t-shirts, printed bags…)
- a wombat pack

The message in the first Art Box is “Become who you are”. Artists of note such as Théo Gosselin and David LaChapelle are contributing their vision to the project. We also know that other photographers are interested in the concept and institutions like the Jeu de Paume, the Maison Rouge and the Musée d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris have given their support.

The last point in its favour is the price: 25€ per month with no commitment necessary. And for all those who think the Art Box is for Parisians only, rest assured: some of the invitations may be for events in the capital but the rest is pure pleasure for the eyes and mind. Wherever you are. So don’t wait, sign up now…

Bianca Alberti


Numéro 22 Du 07/08 au 20/08/13


  • 22- Corruption

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, we wish you a wonderful holiday. And of course, we’ll be in touch in September!!!


Numéro 19 du 26/06 au 9/07/13


  • 19- Corruption


«Select My Sound». The name is simple but sums up the principle perfectly: choose the best tracks to create a playlist that reveals the identity of a place or a brand. And when we say the «best tracks», we mean it. As «Select My sound» goes looking all over the world, and in places you wouldn’t expect. This gives rise to compilations with strong character, both singular and specific. Classic tracks appear alongside previously unheard tunes, new talent and future idols taken from all registers, from pop to electronica via jazz or world music. You only need to go on the «Select My Sound» facebook page to listen to the gems that regularly appear to admit that the founder’s ear and selections are unique.

But, who is behind «Select My Sound»? A music fan! Laurent Mereu-Boulch, the founder and artistic manager has been a music journo since 1996 and now works for Madame Figaro interviewing the biggest stars (Björk, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Daft Punk, Lady Gaga…). His experience and the people he has met over the years have led him to discover and open up to many sounds. He has done the sound design for Hôtel Particulier in Montmartre and the Hôtel du Cadran near the Champ de Mars. His designs evolve from one season to the next as «Select my Sound» also offers «living» playlists. A way of regularly sharing little bursts of emotion.

Interested in hearing something? «Select My Sound» presents the Acharnœur in five tracks and has promised updates every month… New sounds to be enjoyed in our «News qui court» section…



L'Acharnœur in music :
- Burt Bacharach, «Made in Paris
» (ne pas se fier au clip!)
- Shawn Lee, «Hapiness»
- Betrand Belin, «Un deluge»
- Cascadeur, «Ghost surfer»
- Yan Wagner, «The only One» (featuring Etienne Daho)
- Divine Comedy, «The Bookslovers»



• To rock out, check out «Select My Sound» on facebook
• To hire «Select my Sound» for an event or a brand: 


Numéro 17 29/05 au 12/06


  • 17- Corruption

Nounou, Titou, Nin-nin… Such cute names for cuddly toys. Probably because they are a consolation at a time of great sorrow, protect from monsters under the bed and keep their owners amused with their cute little faces. They are part of many life events and memories… Their little owners would like to take them everywhere, to show what good friends they can be. But from school to the beach, that’s not always possible !

Luckily, the French brand 1st Friend lets you keep your teddy with you always… by putting them on a tee-shirt ! The principle is as irresistible as it is simple: 1st Friend asks you to take a photograph of your teddy «looking his or her best» and to then send them the photo. The brand then makes the garment taking great care. The photo is then retouched and printed by hand using a silk screen process. Where a screen is normal made for a series of garments, here one screen is used for each tee-shirt. 1st Friend couldn’t find a printer to do this so they set up their own workshop to bring their crazy dream to life.
Andy Warhol, a regular user of silk screen printing with his famous portrait of Marilyn Monroe would doubtless have been a fan of this idea…

The grey or white tee-shirts supplied by American Apparel, are then customised on request. To order, you just need to send the photo through the brands website. 45€ and eight days* later – a reasonable price and deadline, given the production methods – you receive your garment with your favourite teddy.

And for those who may have lost their darling «doudou», or have given it up (with difficulty), or who have never had one to hug, they can adopt «Dodu», the 1st Friend mascot, a cute little character created in tandem with the French brand Peluche Blanchet. 
A sweet project that can be ordered in any size. Yes, the concept also appeals to Mums and Dads!

Daniella Matoso

• For more information or to order your tee-shirt, click on
* working days

Numéro 15 01/05 au 14/05


  • 15- Corruption

Everyone remembers the famous scrunchy from the eighties and nineties that decorated all of our heads before becoming obsolete.
When fashion goes out of fashion, it always comes back, look no further: a Parisian brand run by the young designer Marie Aragon is bringing this accessory back to our hair.

As she was in the habit of creating her own elastics in her workshop, Marie came up with the idea to set up her own brand. After all, her scrunchies are more intricate than a piece of rubber: they match an outfit, hold up a hairdo in a sumptuous manner, accompany a chignon, decorate a ponytail, beautify a plait and even a wrist...

The project came into being in November 2012: "Here and now" is the motto and is also the literal translation of the brand name "Hic et Nunc". A philosophy that reflects the young designer's candid state of mind and she has already launched her second collection. Her influences include objects she has picked up here and there, new wave music, cake shops, her childhood travels and films, she reworks scrunchies in her own way. Her designs associate names and materials, blending memories and nostalgia, faraway lands and feelings, attractive colours and appetising shapes: the financier cake becomes floral, the crumble takes on a psychic aura, the macaroon in velvet and the opera in Vichy fabric... They are then nicely folded, draped and shaped by a thin thread that follows the flow of the fabric. The designer even adds a personal touch by scenting them with a tiny touch of vanilla before postage, delicious!

As for the fabrics, they are carefully selected: soft, pleasant and authentic, whether it be the cotton, denim, velvet or polyester. And while there is already something for everyone in the range, that's not all: they are also available in different sizes according to hair thickness or the style chosen! So it's up to you to choose your travelling companion, the lucky charm that will tie your hair up in a bun this summer, or even your bracelet! To find out more, check out the website !

Daniella Matoso


Numéro 13 03/04 au 16/04/13


  • 13- corruption

Let’s take another look at the French saying “If you want to feel good in your head, you have to feel good in your trainers”. While some might find it a little simplistic or facile, it forms the basis of GroundFive’s philosophy. This shoe company was set up in 2010 to make trainers for the most part, and their range includes different shapes and colours with one basic principle: to reveal the human.

To wear a pair of GroundFive trainers means you have an urge for lightness, you are curious about other cultures, you share your feelings, you are open to learning more about life and being from others, and you own it. You are urban, adventurous and cosmopolitan. Not unlike Pierre Giordano, the brand’s creator. When he first had the idea for GroundFive, his aim was to communicate a certain idea of friendship, of men, of dreams to fulfil, of freedom. He got together with Franck Chang, Max Maxivel and Ben for their sneaker expertise, but also because they are friends. The choice was obvious.

But the story isn’t just about human connections. It also tells of travels that provide inspiration, artistic influences from here and elsewhere, landscapes, experiences, encounters and customs. The collections sparkle with unique and natural colours, noble and resistant materials, street wear styles, casual, chic or avant-garde, always flitting between the authentic and the trendy. Men love the long, clean lines. Women fall for the wedge effect. Among other things.

The level of quality is what really attracts the fans. As an ex head of production for big French and international shoe brands, Pierre Giordano has always gone for the most solid manufacturing options or the adapted treatment for each material so that they are a joy to touch, see and wear. Franck Chang, the manufacturer and Asian distributor, ensures that the factory conforms to the highest standards of hygiene, safety and working conditions. People are at the centre of everything, this is the absolute reality at GroundFive. So we can all feel good…



• To see and read more informations about GroundFive


Numéro 11 06/03 au 19/03/13


  • 12- Corruption

The French say one must be happy in one’s trainers to be happy in one’s head. What about in-between? To be happy in one’s head, why not be happy in one’s boxers or tangas? Dumb? Not so dumb when you think of what badly fitting underwear can cause: friction, strange walking… 

The brand Calaggio was set up in 2011 to put an end to this kind of problem and give underwear the honour and originality it deserves. The undeniable difference? The cut. Whatever the model, there is no stitching on the back or the sides. An exclusive manufacturing method that provides extreme comfort whether you are moving or sitting. Another strong point? The material. Each item is made from certified high level Lycra, a light and particularly soft material that guarantees a real second skin effect. On the design front, the pop, cosmopolitan or unusual motifs of the collections bring both oomph and elegance. For simple personal pleasure. For the most part they are designed by 

Aurélie Barbier, Calaggio’s founder and evoke all kinds of escape. The essentials are called  Islands, Ti Punch, New York, London Color or Morpho. Soon, a new model will be joining the ranks each month to provide a little variation and boost the too traditional seasonal model. In the meantime, you can take part in a raffle the first Thursday of every month to win a pair of boxers or a shorty. Calaggio means a certain spirit, an energy, a generosity...

And some of their faithful clients agree wholeheartedly. They include, Joffrey Pollet-Villard, freestyle skiing champion or Maxime Habran, biathlon champion. The latter even threw out all of his other underwear when he tried Calaggio and now won’t wear anything else, when competing at the highest level or off the piste! Another devotee is freestyle snowboarding champion Mirabelle Thovex.

Tempted ? Rendezvous on There is an exclusive offer for Acharnœur readers, so it would be a real pity to just be “happy in your trainers”.

Bianca Alberti

• To see the collection on 
• For the Acharnœur's readers, a reduction of 25% for any purchase on the website with code "acharnoeur 2013"


Numéro 9 06/02 au 19/02/13


  • 09- Corruption 02


Owning nice shoes, we know. A good lipstick, we know. Good hair ? We’re trying… Even the stars have hair issues. This is because they don’t know Opalis Paris’s hair care products and the Institut on the rue de Ponthieu.

Here, cut or colour are not the issue, care is. Just care. And only hair care. From the doorstep, the ambience and odours envelop one in an absolute luxury. It must be said that the Institut’s founder Sophie Quincerot, has a particular talent for making everything ooze refinement and hedonism.

Martine then takes over for the transformation process. And transformation is the right term. However one feels nothing but the relaxation* of neck, shoulder and scalp massages… not to mention face shiatsu. Comfortably ensconced, even lying down sometimes in their exceptional armchairs, designed so that you don’t move even slightly, whether you are having a custom-made cataplasm applied, having your hair rinsed or hydrated with ozone steam. An hour and a half minimum where you forget everything, you might even fall asleep. You come out different, so does your hair. While you feel perfectly relaxed, it looks full of life !

But, it is true that not everyone is lucky enough to live in the capital. All is not lost ! Opalis Paris has a range of amazing products available in numerous outlets in France and abroad, and especially on their website. From shampoos to "La Crème" (Star Product) to "La Loton", they adapt to our frenetic lives (no wait times for example. Finally !) and you see a result immediately. How is this possible ? Well, still thanks to the tenacity of Sophie Quincerot, who can turn the world upside down, or search the web to find the best essential oils or vegetable extracts… Your bathroom is impregnated with dizzying odours, your hair gets to enjoy practically bespoke treatments. The press has been generous with its praise and among big fans : Dita von Teese, Emmanuelle Seigner, Naomie Watts, Léa Seydoux... So if you want to get ahead, go to Opalis Paris.

* as part of the soin Suprême.



• Coming soon, a new special offer from  «Opalis Paris» in l’Avenue.
• For more information:



Numéro 7 09 au 22/01/13


  • 07- Corruption2

So you want to be in great shape to get through the darker winter months ? A good spoonful or spread of honey on your toast has always provided some much-needed vitality… Except, if things go on like this, honey will end up as a luxury product ! Go on like what ? Not protecting our bees. They are coming under serious threat : parasites, pesticides… Sad !

In an attempt to stop the plague, a number of companies have been set up to propose the adoption of hives. A bucolic and poetic concept that also happens to be effective! Interested ? Well, check out

To begin with, the founder is a true nature and bee-lover. He buys land and small parcels of forest to set up his hives in protected environments. He ensures the sources of pollen in the environs and lets the bees work away as they wish: free, with their own rhythms and feeding on all flowers. 
Then, has a very clear offer: either you sponsor a number of bees – and as such a part of the swarm – or you adopt a full hive. If you choose the latter option, the ruche « belongs » to you for as long as you wish: you can name it, choose the colour, the shape and no-one else can adopt the same hive (which is not always the case elsewhere). You are kept abreast of all developments, photos are sent… A nice way of doing things!
What happens to the honey? It’s all yours ! according to the formula you choose, you will receive a certain number of pots that are, in the case of an adoption, labelled with the name of your hive ! They are sent to your home after harvest which takes place only once the bees have finished working. The bees decide, no-one else… 

The final bonus, the cost. It covers, for the main part, the manufacturing of the French-made wooden hives, to buy equipment, pots, maintain the land… Nothing excessive. So there’s no sting in the tail…


• For more informations :

• Little gift for l'Acharnœur readers' :
sponsor 4000 bees or adopt a full hive in "formule "Découverte", one honey pot in sup is offert.
Numéro 5 12/12 au 25/12/12


  • 05- Corruption

When «le 66» opened its doors five years ago, the designers had the choice between making this the smallest «department store» or the biggest «concept store» in the capital. They went for the latter. 

Since then, this address at 66 avenue des Champs-Elysées (as in «le 66») has never stopped evolving. The street wear style has shifted to leave space for more prestigious or niche brands at affordable or inaccessible prices. It’s all there. There is only one imperative: le chic. So, tourists attracted by the window displays can enjoy the surprising range and Parisians can revel in the unprecedented selection. 

At the 66, you can find pieces from Acne, Givenchy, Helmut Lang as well as items from Elisabeth and James (designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen), Theysken’s Theory, Jeffrey Campbell (any self-respecting fashionista’s fave shoe brand) or more off-radar brands like Golden Goose or Band of Outsiders. So you can wander through the different completely refurbished or stark spaces and find totally irresistible or exclusive pieces that the 66 has spotted and displays as a look. This is the real difference. Are other stores taking inspiration? Whatever. The 66 renews 25% of its brand catalogue each season…
And to be sure to keep a few unique pieces, the 66 has its own line called «Abraham Will». Limited editions of exceptionally high quality at reasonable prices… Looking for more? So that you can fully appreciate the 150 brands (approx), the sales staff are veritable Personal Shoppers that know who and what they’re talking about. They can find you something to fit your personality that you can try on in the spacious changing rooms and take all the time you need. 

You can’t walk past the 66, whether you are a tourist or a native, a browser or a buyer… A piece of advice: take the time to enjoy each hanger. Having said that, 66 usually means the road trip will be good…

Numéro 4 28/11 au 11/12/12


  • 04- Corruption

The fact is: we are very familiar with the hotel «Les Jardins de la Villa» as l’Acharnœur shot a number of its teaser films there. Hidden on a discreet street near the Golden Triangle (made by the avenues Montaigne, George V and Champs-Elysées), this four-star hotel envelops you in its intimacy and refinement.  On entering the reception, the noise from the street fades into the contemporary «couture» surroundings. In the entrance, there is a couch in the shape of a shoe; in the corridors, mannequins are used as lamp bases; artworks hang in the library; in the winter garden there is an astonishing chrome ivy; on the patio, luxuriant vegetation and a mysterious mirror installation: each space has its own ambience, elegance, identity… 

In terms of amenities, the level is of course top-notch. There is even a Nespresso® machine in every room. The service is friendly, open and efficient. Are we overdoing things? Tripadvisor counts 417 «Excellents» and «Très bons» reviews that only confirms our impression, listing Les Jardins de la Villa 39th best hotel in Paris out of a total of 1824. So our crush is not totally subjective.

Is this little luxury reserved only for the residents of the 33 rooms? Not at all. One can come with a friend and sit comfortably on the couch for a chat or bring your laptop and take advantage of the free wifi. You can also help yourself to a drink in the «courtesy bar» and pay when you leave. This is a real innovation in terms of savoir vivre given the level of trust and calm this hotel offers to each visitor. And for private or professional meetings, the private meeting room is available with its peaceful atmosphere.  

So, Les Jardins de la Villa is a hidden treasure in the capital. Enough to make Parisians want to go away for a weekend, in Paris.

Never tried it ? Now’s your chance.


- Les Jardins de la Villa belongs to the ADHOTEL group and is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Find out more at:

- Special rate available on the private meeting room for l’Acharnœur readers : 
• 300€ instead 400€ (-25%) for a day 
• 185€ instead 250€ (- 25%) for half-day (4h max.) 
Café Nespresso, tea and mineral waters included. Find out more:

Numéro 3 14/11 au 27/11/12


  • 03- Corruption/2

In our previous issue, l’Acharnœur’s Good day/ Dog day section was all about dreams, bad and otherwise. If dreams were our only problem… A bad mattress, whether it is too soft, too hard, told old; a bad pillow, whether it is too square, too rectangular, too thin or too thick can seriously affect your sleep! So the battle begins to replace them. Everyone sticks their oar in, new slats, new springs, anti-dust mite treatments… To get off the merry-go-round of too much info, you end up buying something that isn’t too horrible. The easy option, not necessarily the best.

This is where eXLence Literie excels. This new space opened just since June of this year has a radical but simple take. The creators, Bourhan and Daniella Allayous have been sleep specialists for the past 20 years and have chosen to represent only one brand. Which one? Tempur®. And why is that? For its upmarket position and quality. What else? Because it uses a patented material that enables mattresses and pillows to adapt to every morphology: « this material helps to reduce painful pressure points and reduces the nocturnal agitation caused by trying to find a comfortable position » they tell us. Still not convinced? We weren’t either until we walked into the store. One step and you immediately feel lighter. How? You are walking on their Tempur® carpet whose effects have been certified by NASA. Good move, very good move in fact. To prolong the experience, eXLence Literie invites you into its « space cabin »: a double bed, where you watch a 12 minute video about this unique material that takes you to another dimension. Most clients drop off… The effects of the viscoelastic mattress.

Add to that the modern design, the pleasant surroundings, the sales team that spends two hours with you – their average client time slot – and you will under stand that luxe, calme et volupté (luxury, peace and pleasure) is what its all about. And up until December 31st 2012, the 160x200 mattress is the same price as the 140x200. Is that the sandman I hear?


For more info:

Numéro 1 17/10 au 30/10


  • 0 - LCS

The aim of Cosmétiques Design Paris is simple: offer high quality skincare and beauty products for prices that range from 1.20 Euros to 12 Euros. The 1.20 Euro product is shower gel, the 12 Euro product is an anti-ageing cream that contains 24 carat gold. And that’s it. So naturally, we were intrigued. We wondered how they managed to do what they were doing, and if it was working. And above all, we wondered if the products were any good.

To answer the first question we talked to Marie-Caroline Renault, head of marketing: « We decided not to have a brand ambassador, it saves a lot of money and enables us to invest more in the lab and have each range approved by an expert. » That makes sense. Now, to answer the product quality question, we played guinea pig ourselves and tried out a few items. A make-up remover that was presented at a dermatology conference, a flower-based shower gel, the cream with the gold and a lipstick… While the products are more or less on a par with the competition, given that the competition includes luxury brands, we do have a serious crush - especially on the lips.

Their lipstick shade 050 from the Pro’s Couture line is a pearl. For the first time ever, we seem to be pulling off THE red lip. THE movie-star red, THE seriously bright, ultra-feminine red we thought was the preserve of pretty pouters. It goes on easily, no need for a make-up artist, it doesn’t bleed and it lasts for hours… And, most of all, we don’t feel ridiculous. Feedback of course is positive, it goes without saying. And all for 7.50 Euros? Nothing to add.

Les Cosmétiques Design Paris are sold in exclusivity in Carrefour Shops and have 650 products. If there are other treasures like this one, then perhaps we should all take a closer look…


• Where to find them ? Only at Carrefour :