Exclusive services

Fashion & Design

A privileged moment with one of the designers specially chosen for you by l’Acharnœur. For you alone, the designer you wish to meet will open the doors of their workshop or will organise a private tour of their store. Over a drink, you meet the designer and get a chance to talk. You might even discover hidden treasures, rare fabrics, the latest thing… that might become a unique piece. Yours.


Allessandra Stella, shoe designer at Iris De Saint-Germain whose famous Warhawks are adored by Beth Ditto and Kelly Rowland.

Christophe Guillarmé, a designer for his eponymous brand whose collections have fans worldwide and whose creations have walked the red carpet at Cannes.

Émilie Beaussart, left Yves Saint-Laurent to set up her own « Émilie Beaussart » semi-bespoke line of shoes.

Vanessa Deutsch, a designer and hat-maker whose hats, bandanas and hair bands can be seen on heads all over town and in the press.

Christine Ekodo-Delaunay, founder and designer for the ready-to-wear brand Uni&Vintage each piece if which is completely unique.

Gabriella de Galzain, a designer of rock inspired glamorous jewellery worn by certain legendary singers.

Lord SM, a designer whose scarves and jackets are worn by the stars, the press and her fans.

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145 euros (incl.VAT) per person. This includes the Acharnoeur headscarf signed for you by the designer (exclusive accessory) and souvenir photos.

Available for groups of up to three (Fee for three negotiable).

Your visit will be run by a member of the Acharnœur team.

The service includes :
  • A private tour of the store or access to the workshop (according to designer).
  • One on one meeting with the designer that lasts an hour and a half.
  • Breakfast, snack or cocktail buffet according to the meeting time.
  • Access to designs.
  • The option of having a bespoke piece made.
  • The l'Acharnœur headscarf (exclusive accessory) signed for you by the designer.
  • Photo series of the meeting including one with the designer.
What to do :
  • Fill in the online booking form and send it back to us.
  • In order to maintain a level of exclusivity, the number of participants is limited to three.
  • We confirm availability and send you a quote as soon as possible.
  • After payment, we will organise your Fashion & Design encounter.
  • 24 hours before the meeting, you will be sent all of the practical details by email.
Gastronomy confidential

Are you wondering what still makes French cuisine exceptional ? Around a theme, a season, a region, a product or a recipe, l’Acharnœur will answer your question in a few mouthfuls and a few sips… Some surprising blends will be revealed in the two hours spent with our Wine&food specialist. It is also a chance to find out about the best places in Paris and the rest of France to stock your cellar or enhance your dinner parties.


Precious hams chosen for their rarity, astonishing cheeses selected for their character…

Washed down with a little champagne, sweet wine and other varieties.

These surprising combinations will be revealed by our consultant Charlotte Paressant whose only motivations are pleasure, conviviality and flavour.

And to round it off, a little chocolate for dessert. Where? In the centre of Paris.

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80 euros (incl.VAT) per person. Limited places. This last tasting included:

- Rare hams like the Noir de Bigorre that nearly disappeared altogether.

- Cheeses like the Tamier, sold only in Haute-Savoie and XXX and whose production is under threat.

- Natural wines, a champagne…

- Bread, the recipe for which is known only to one bakery in Paris.

- A high-end chocolate, to be tasted pure and cooked.

All of the foods are summed up in the Acharnœur’s "Révélations" booklet so that you can recreate these flavours and discoveries at home.

The service includes :
  • A tasting including food and drinks, on a specific date around a particular topic.
  • Rendezvous in a different place each time.
  • A presentation from our Wine&Food specialist.
  • The l'Acharnœur notebook listing the addresses of the stores and producers used for the tasting.
  • A photo series of the tasting
What to do :
  • Sign up for the tasting on offer by filling in and sending back the online booking form.
  • We confirm availability and send you a quote.
  • Once you have accepted the quote and made payment, we give you the details for the tasting.

You also have the option of booking a made-to-measure tasting. For more details, please email us at :

Private dinner

You are invited to a private residence located in astonishing surroundings in Paris or nearby. Around the table, you and your friends or other readers join the founders of l'Acharnœur as well as special guests who incarnate the style and dynamic of the moment: fashion designers, photographers, sports men and women, journalists, actors... Exceptional conversation combined with exceptional food.

FIRST DINNER: coming soon!

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From 200 euros (incl. VAT), including the exclusive Acharnœur headscarf, signed by the guests (exclusive accessory) and souvenir photos. Dinner places limited.

The service includes :
    An invitation sent on the day of the event by email or by hand to increase the surprise aspect.
  • Rendezvous in an apartment or house chosen for its exceptional architecture, setting or location.
  • Reception and introductions by the team from l'Acharnœur.
  • The presence of our special guests.
  • Drinks and dinner provided by our culinary partners with food and drinks (waters and wines*).
  • The l'Acharnœur limited edition headscarf.
  • A series of souvenir photos from the dinner.
  • * please drink sensibly.
What to do :
  • Fill out and send back the online booking form.
  • We will confirm availability and send a quote.
  • After payment, we will confirm your participation at dinner.
  • The dinner menu is put together using information you will have provided in the form.

You also have the option of booking a made-to-measure tasting. For more details, please email us at :

Paris Backstage

Original tours, Parisian encounters, authentic walks… Why not experience Paris the way Parisians do? L ‘Acharnœur offers you a unique chance to discover the other magic of the world's most legendary city, adapted to your desires and personality.

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From 120 euros taxes inclued per person for a half day. Reductions available upward of three participants.

The service includes :
  • A full or half-day programme including suggestions for tours, activities, addresses (cafés, restaurants, exhibitions, museums, stores, secret corners of the city…).
  • The necessary bookings.Personal welcomes at certain places.
  • The l ‘Acharnœur map with your tour and additional bonus addresses.
  • Optional tour guide from our team.
  • Optional personalised taxi service.
  • Optional photo series or film of your day (with tour-guide option)
What to do :
  • Fill out the personalised online questionnaire and send it back at least one month before your trip.
  • We will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.
  • After payment, we will organise your Paris Backstage.
  • Your Paris Backstage is put together using the information provided in the questionnaire. It includes all of the places we choose for you, the meeting and tour times and all of the practical details to help you get the most from the experience.
Service coming soon